AIRTUG 6-H Aircraft Tug (Hydraulic Lift)

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Compatibility: Most Private and Small Commercial Aircrafts up to 8,100 lbs


Description: The 6-H aircraft tug model is the tug of choice for those who need to lower the tail to enter a hangar, and might also need to handle nose-wheel fairing aircraft. The nose-wheel is loaded the same as the Model 6-H, and then it can be raised by a hydraulic jack up as much as needed to a maximum of roughly 9'', thus lowering the tail by approximately double this amount. Additionally, it is easy to use because of its' unique “Throttle Grip Control” system utilizing a hydrostatic transmission and a 6HP variable speed gasoline engine. We guarantee your safety with our “Return to Brake” feature that absolutely prevents any unintentional movement of the plane when the throttle grip is released. There is no metal to metal contact, no gears to shift and no jerky clutching systems to quickly wear out. Finally, its’ pinpoint handling makes this unit a great choice. All of these features simply make this aircraft tug the best in the industry!

Product Details

  • Loading System: Hydraulic Lift Shoe with Winch Strap/ Strut Strap  
  • Parts Warranty: 1 Year
  • Type of Starter: Recoil
  • Engine: Four Stroke 6-HP
  • Tow Weight: Up to 8,100 lbs.
  • Type of Control: Unique “Throttle Grip”
  • Turning Radius: 360 ◦

Construction Details

  • 2 Ton Hydraulic Jack for Lift Shoe
  • 11 Gauge Heavy Steel Frame
  • Hydrostatic Transaxle
  • 16”x 6” - 6 ply on 8” Drive Wheels
  • Drive Wheels Capable of Handling Nosewheel Weights up to 2000 lbs.
  • Low Profile unit for avoiding low aircraft hulls and flight controls with low axle and optional 13" Drive Wheels

Shipping Details

  • Pre-Assembled (Except Handle & Caster)
  • Crated for truck shipment. (skid 75”x37”x24”)

Available Air Tug Upgrades

  • Snowchains
  • Nosewheel Fairing Chock
  • Cirrus Nosewheel Fairing Chock
  • Tailwheel Chock Scott 3200
  • King Air Load Hook
  • Long Control Kit (Needed for L-39 & PC-12)
  • Weight Pack Extra Traction For Light Nose Aircraft and Winter Weather


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