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The F-15 fuel filter is a unique heavy duty fuel management tool that is light weight, portable, self-cleaning, and manufactured out of a heavy duty industrial standard electro-conductive polypropylene so it can conduct static electricity, and it can be grounded for extra safety. 


It is designed to meet and exceed marine and aviation standards.  This exceptional funnel is self-cleaning, maintenance free, and has no replacement parts which provides a minimum life span of 10 years and that is guaranteed!  There is no other fuel filter funnel like it in the world.  These filters are superior to all previous Mr. Funnel models and capable of screening contaminants down to 74 microns or .0029”.When properly used, this filter will virtually eliminate contaminated fuel going into your tanks.

The downspout of the F-15 is the same size as 1” PVC pipe* which can then be configured to reach any fuel tank regardless of position of the intake pipe, which allows for use with all equipment in all situations.And, this new F-15 has a pour spout on the top side of the funnel so you can easily pour the fuel and contamination captured in the sump into a separate container for easy disposal when you are done refueling.

All Mr. Funnel models are tested and proven in Alaskas rugged Arctic environment and performance tested by Northern Testing Labs, Inc., Fairbanks, AK.