Flightcom’s 403LSA is simple to operate and easy to use, just like the Light Sport Aircraft (LSA). The 2-place stereo activated intercom enhances the fun of flying, as well as safety, by optimizing communication clarity. With a low price, the 403LSA fits nicely with the LSA objective of making flying affordable for everyone.


Stereo intercom features include 2-place capability, instant music muting, and pilot isolate so you can focus on your flight. Easy to use and designed to fit almost anywhere in the panel. All the functions you need along with superb stereo sound.


  • 2-place stereo, voice-activated intercom based on the same platform as Flightcom’s classic 403.
  • Auxiliary input with automuting to prevent missing critical radio or intercomcommunication.
  • 2-position, radio transmit capability, allows both seats to communicate via the radio.


  • Weight: 5.0 oz.
  • Size: 5 in. L X 2.4 in. W X 1.2 in. H
  • Power Requirements: 0.16 amp, 12-28 VDC

In The Box

  • Qty 1: Flightcom 403LSA Intercom
  • Qty 1: 25-pin D-Sub Connector (Male)
  • Qty 1: 25-pin D-sub Connector Housing
  • Qty 1: Rectangular faceplate
  • Qty 2: Knobs - Volume & Squelch
  • Qty 2: #4-40 mounting screws
  • Qty 1: Allen Wrench
  • Qty 2: Headphone jacks
  • Qty 2: Microphone jacks
  • Qty 4: Metal nuts
  • Qty 2: Black fiber shoulder washers
  • Qty 2: White nylon or fiber washers
  • Qty 1: 406 Installation / Operation Manual
  • Qty 1: Warranty Card

Q: Can the Flightcom 403LSA intercom be mated to a hand held, like the Yaesu 550L?

This intercom is designed for panel mounted radios. Please see part # 11-08700 for a portable intercom compatible with your handheld.

Q: Is there a round face plate so I can use an empty hole. What size?

Please see part number 11-08594, this can be used to mount a Flightcom 403 into a 2-1/4 hole.

Q: I want to replace a 403 in my panel, will this fit in my panel opening?

Yes, the form factor is the same as the 403.

Q: Does the unit come with a prewired pig tail and connector?

No, this unit comes with the connectors unpinned.

Q: Is this Flightcom 403LSA intercom FAA TSOd?

No, this unit is not TSO'd. Please contact your local aviation authority for more information on whether this can be legally installed in your certified aircraft.

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