AV-HD Sport. HD Cockpit Camera System

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HD Cockpit Camera System


The standard AV-HD comes with a headset adapter cable for general aviation twin pin headsets.
To order a helicopter u174 version, choose the heli version box in the options above and this replaces the ga, with the heli cable at $20 extra. If extra cables are required, then choose the accessory cables in the options above.

Propeller Filtering Technology Eliminate you propeller.

Propeller Filtering Technology

Your flight was perfect, but what about the video footage? Ruined by your prop? You no longer have to miss out on your flight and its scenic views due to your propeller. Our lens advancement technology will now eliminate your prop while still shooting amazing 1080p HD video. Enjoy the clear as day High-Definition picture WITHOUT the annoying prop.

Aviation Headset Cable

Record all headset audio throughout your flight.

Video is only part of the experience! Include all headset audio throughout your flight with the included Aviation Headset Cable or Ambient Microphone. Cables simply plug into your audio panel and any GA headset on the market. Do not worry rotorheads, helicopter headset cables are available as well!

Built-In LCD Screen for Live Viewing

Know what you’re recording and when you’re recording.

Have you ever returned from a flight only to find that your camera system was not even recording? Believe it or not, the problem does exist. The LCD on the AV-HD has a red indicator that tells you when you are recording and allows you to line-up your cam. Playback the video on the LCD itself for quick viewing.

Weatherproof and Rugged

Mount camera inside or outside.

Weather is not a problem for the AV-HD Camera. Mount your camera inside or outside to capture that perfect angle. Various mounting options are included as well as a heavy duty suction or clamp mount.

(Note: Suction mounts should not be used outside the aircraft)

Full HD, Wide-Angle Camera

Field-of-View Breakdown

Capture everything in sight!

Capture things that your everyday camera cannot! With a click of ONE button you can switch from 720° field-of-view to a 170° field-of-view. See something that would make an awesome picture? No problem, because with a click of ONE button, you can capture a still image while in mid-recording.


Simple steps to playback your flight.

Playing back your flight should be a simple task and with the AV-HD System it is. Files are recorded to your SD card which pops-in and pops-out of the AV-HD and almost all laptops. Since the file is recorded as a .MOV file you can play your video with a large amount of media players (Windows Media Player, QuickTime, etc.)

Wireless Control

For those systems mounted just out of reach.

Mounting your camera out of reach is no problem when it comes to the AV-HD. Hit start on the wireless remote, go about your flight and then hit stop on remote upon finish. Do not be distracted by your video system, simplicity is the way to go.

Charging Your Unit

Choose the power option that fits you best.

The AV-HD gives YOU, the user a couple options for power.

  1. Included are two rechargeable Lithium-Ion batteries that easily pop in and out. A wall charger for the batteries is also included.
  2. If you have a cigarette socket, the AV-HD includes a cigarette adapter cable as well.

Datatoys Flightsync Software

FlightSync Software

GPS, 3D Flight Pattern, Google Earth

Analyze your flight with collected GPS information that coexists with your video. Upload your videos straight to YouTube through Flightsync!

Protection for your AV-HD

Great Warranty with Excellent Support.

Sick of paying extra for a trusted warranty? The AV-HD includes an unheard of 3 year warranty.


    • High-Definition Recorder
    • High-Definition Camera
    • Propeller-Elimination Filter
    • Headset Audio Cable
    • Choice of SuperClamp or Suction Mount
    • Remote Control
    • 2 Rechargeable Batteries
    • Recharging Dock and Power Cord
    • Cigarette Power Plug
    • AV Cable
    • USB Cable
    • Nylon Strap Mount
    • Tubular Pedestal Mount
    • Headset Pedestal Mount
    • Camera Pedestal Mount
    • Velcro Strap/ Hook Loop
    • External Microphone
    • Lens Cap
    • Carrying Case
    • User Manual


    Sensor 5 Megapixel Image Sensor
    Image Measurement 5 Mega: 2592*1944, 8 Mega: 3200*2400
    Video Format .MOV (Quicktime)
    Resolution 1080P = 1920*1080 (30 fps)
    720P = 1280*720 (30 fps)
    WVGA = 848*480 (60 fps)
    Screen 2.0? inch LCD Screen
    Video Output NTSC/PAL
    Digital Zoom 4X
    Audio Built in microphone & speaker (Headset Optional)
    Storage Built in 64M internal memory, Support SD Card external storage (up to 32G)
    Battery 2 x High-capacity Lithium-Ion Rechargeable Battery
    USB USB 2.0

Record time 4gb per hour, - picture resolution will make this variable


Standard 1/4 inch phono plug, designed to pass through all general aviation headsets to audio panel and record audio to UDVP Sport.

  • 6-PIN Sport Connector to Standard 1/4 inch Male and Female Phono Plug
  • Standard Length: 50 in, 1270mm


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