The NFE-4 Aircraft Tug

NFE-4 165 kgs shipping weikg

Compatibility: Most Private and Small Commercial Aircrafts up to 16,000 lbs - includes 1 adapter

Extra adapters available for $310 each to suit.

This does not include shipping. You must call or email with shipping details as these are shipped direct from manufacturer.

Cessna or piper not available- coming soon.



Moves the CIRRUS Aircraft and other castering nose-wheel aircraft easily and makes moving the aircraft a simple task for a single person!

The BEST TUG for CIRRUS aircraft or any other castering or non-castering nose- fairing aircraft

  • Simply attach the small towbar by hand to the aircraft and then winch the tow-bar / nose-wheel onto the raised platform for total control by the tug
  • Much easier to hookup and control the aircraft than a single wheel tug thatis not able to lift the nose wheel off the ground
  • Can move most nose-fairing aircraft including the Diamond and other aircraftweighing less than 4,000 lbs
  • Easy to Use and Economical with pin point handling allowing the operatorto pivot as tight as desired as a result of the transmission Differential
  • 24 Volt Electric motor so no need to worry about gas going bad
  • Twist grip for infinite speed control forward and reverse with no gears toshift and no jerky clutching system
  • Reduces repair cost from accidents that result from moving aircraft whilenot having good control and good visibility and knowledgeable help
  • Assembles in minutes
  • Powder coated Frame & Handle
  • Dimensions: 85” long x 36” wide x 42” tall
  • 1 Year Warranty


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