This is the front portion of all of the standard configurations. It also works well by itself (with a Rear End Cap added). The Front Bag is 13.5” x 10.5” x 5.0” on the outside. The main compartment is 13" tall, 10" wide and 3.5" deep on the inside. (And remember, it is a soft bag so it can expand slightly in every direction.)




There are two FLEX-Mount pocket stations on the outside of the bag, one on each side. You can install any two of your choice of the FLEX System side pockets onto the sides of the Front Bag at these stations.

The Front Bag can hold 2 aviation headsets of ANY brand. (If the headsets are especially large, you can simply "interleave" the two set - reverse the direction of one set, put one ear cup of the first set between the two ear cups of the other set - voila.)

The Front Bag comes with a Main Handle and a Shoulder Strap.

All of the FLEX modules will fit a 13 inch laptop. Including the 13 inch MacBook and 13 inch MacBook Air. These modules were not designed to be full-blown laptop-carrying modules, so the padding is adequate, but not much more than that.

The Front Bag is not intended to be carried by itself without anything zipped onto its rear surface. The rear exterior surface of the Front Bag is just a "naked" panel with no pockets. With nothing attached to this surface, the separation zipper (the main zipper that allows other FLEX modules to be zipped on) ends up being rather exposed because it is just "hanging off" the backside of the bag. (Plus it just plain looks bad.) If you plan to carry the Front Bag by itself you should make sure you have a Rear End Cap available as part of your FLEX system. This will do several things all at once: [1] It will "complete" the rear surface of the bag making it look finished and professional. [2] It will protect the separation zipper by closing it off. [3] And you will get all the extra storage that comes from the pockets on the Rear End Cap itself, as well as the space between the Rear End Cap and the Front Bag.

The front panel of the Front Bag is not detachable. It is permanently connected to the Front Bag. It is easy to think that this is the same piece as the Front End Cap. But they are different. This front panel of the Front Bag is permanently attached. The Front End Cap Is a separate piece that can be attached to (and completely detached from) the front surface of any of the other modules of the FLEX System.

NOTE: The FLEX modules WILL NOT WORK with (will not zip onto) any older BrightLine Bag. The zippers had to be of a different type to allow this modularity concept to work. The Front Bag can attach to all of the FLEX System modules except the Front End Cap.




  • Nine pockets on the outer surface of the front panel
  • Cover of the top front pocket is completely removable so that it is easy to go get it embroidered with your company logo, tail number, etc.
  • Pocket on the top of the bag for your sunglasses
  • Bottom of the bag has two plastic "skid plates" to help keep the bottom of the bag off the ground
  • On the interior, the Front Bag has a removable and adjustable divider shelf (using Velcro) spanning the main large compartment horizontally
  • Three pockets on the inner surface of the front panel - one flat pocket for small documents like your passport, checkbook, or a copy of your medical, and two fat pockets for carrying any variety of smaller items inside the main compartment
  • The interior of the main compartment and all of the pockets is gray so that easy to see what is inside