RPL (Book Only) Previously called BAK

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Bob Tait's RPL book is a home-study course designed to prepare students for the pre-GFPT BAK exam.

It has been used extensively throughout Australia for many years.

This item is the printed version of the RPL book.


PART 61 REGULATION UPDATES: With CASA introducing the new Part 61 Reg changes on the 1st September, the BAK textbook will be actually cover the new Recreational Pilot Licence syllabus. If you have a current copy of the PPL or BAK textbook, have no fear! We will be making available free PDF updates in the errata section which will incorporate the changes to the current textbooks. The E-Texts will update automatically once the book changes have come into effect.



The e-text version is intended for use as a companion to the printed text book.  This purchase entitles you to six months access to the e-text version of the book, commencing on the date the order is received or a date nominated by you.  It requires access to a broadband internet connection and any current browser such as Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera or Safari running on any operating system, Mac, PC or Linux.  Please note that due to Apple not supporting Flash, some functions may not be available on iPad, iPhone or Android. 

E-text ONLY version of this book is also available. Click Here.